Spinal Decompression

Live a Pain-free life with the Crellin Method

What can I expect from a typical treatment?

All treatments are done with the patient fully clothed. With precise, painless and computer controlled precision, the tension on the specific disc is slowly and gently applied to reduce the pressure inside the disc.

A typical treatment session consists of 30 minutes of decompression on the SpineMed Table. The process is painless, safe and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during treatment.

After decompression, each treatment is programmed according to the patients needs. Most often decompression is followed by gentle manual mobilization to release spinal fixations, followed up by spinal exercises to help restore proprioceptive input to the nervous system through the compromised muscles and ligaments.

Many of the patients on the SpineMed Table have had spinal rehab and/or chiropractic treatment. Principles of spinal hygiene previously learned are re-enforced.

The recommended protocol for spinal decompression is 20 visits over a 4 to 5 week time span. My feeling is this: If you decide the SpineMed program is something you want to do. I would like you to verbally commit to 12 treatments.

My experience is that within the first 12 treatments, the therapy will start to work for most people. If you show no signs of improvement we can discuss the pros and cons of continuing the program.

The process is rarely a quick and easy fix. If you're taking the time to research this program you have probably been in pain for sometime. You have probably tried several different approaches including traditional chiropractic care, physical therapy, oral medications even steroid injections.

Some of you may have already been for surgery. As a matter of fact, we require that you have tried at least some of these approaches before we even put you on the table. Let's face it, if you were an easy case you would be better by now.

This program is for stubborn back pain. Keeping that in mind, it is unrealistic to think that we can provide immediate lasting relief for these problems.

We are trying to create an optimal healing environment for your spine. Healing takes time. That is why we recommend 20 treatments. It can take this long for your body to respond.

The bottom line is that this therapy does wonders for many people who have suffered for so long where other treatment protocols have failed. Considering the effectiveness, safety and logical approach to this healing system, Spinal Decompression Therapy should be considered an option for all those with chronic neck and low back pain.

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