Spinal Decompression

Live a Pain-free life with the Crellin Method


Low back pain effects as many as 80% of the population during the course of their lifetime. 50% will have pain during the course of any given year. Often spinal pain will start without any explanation and will come and go. More serious back pain will linger and be interrupted by periods of significant pain and disability that may be temporary or permanent.

It effects males and females, the sedentary and active and the thin and the not so thin. Disc injuries most often occur between the 3rd and 5th decade. The natural progression is for them to develop into and an arthritic are spinal stenotic condition (spinal stenosis).

Common Misconceptions

Many doctors tell their patients 90% of back pain will resolve without treatment. This is simply not true as recent reviews of the literature point out that 62% of patients reporting low back pain still have symptoms 12 months later.

What often happens is that the second time the patient see's the doctor, he catches the patient's during the sub-acute phase when it has significantly lessened in severity and it is thought to have resolved, only to return sometime down the road because of the underlying condition is not addressed. As episodes become more frequent and intense, take longer to resolve, the disc is slowly dying.

Often standard treatment of chiropractic or physical therapy can help resolve the pain and fix the dysfunction that causes the problem to return. However when the condition has progressed to far that the condition is no longer responsive The Crellin Method maybe necessary to allow the disc to recover.

The Message: Don't wait for small problems to become big ones. If this has happened to you and the first line of defense has not helped and you are looking at the possibility of living in pain or surgery, or another surgery, the Crellin Method maybe what you and your disc need.

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